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Ever noticed something unusual about alcohol and tobacco ads? They’re telling us they’re an alcohol or tobacco brand without really telling us they’re an alcohol or tobacco brand. That’s the magic of surrogate advertising through which banned products sell us mouth freshener, water, even friendship to ensure we remember the brands for what they truly, secretly sell.

Find out how tobacco and alcohol brands find creative ways to work around the government’s ban on advertising these products. This On the Money episode, hosted by Vishnu Kaushal, sheds light on surrogate advertising, brand recall, and the eventual revenue from people who enjoy the occasional drink or smoke.

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00:00 Intro

01:02 Has surrogate advertising always been needed?

01:45 The exception to the rule

02:20 The origin of Surrogate advertising

03:21The strategy behind it

04:13 Where and how is it all placed?

05:36 The Tug of War

07:15 Limiting the grey areas

08:41The Revenue of it all

09:17 - The Purpose of Surrogate Advertising


Corrections :
The Government of India and not the I&B Ministry, through their Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, put out a ban on any ads that directly or indirectly promoted the sale and consumption of cigarette, tobacco, alcohol, wine, liquor, etc.

If your new product is less than 2 years old, you may have to show a turnover of Rs. 20 lakhs a month if you want to advertise it. This is one of the criteria’s for a legitimate brand extension.

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