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Some of the world’s most expensive art doesn’t hang in museums and galleries. We’re not talking about Picasso and da Vinci. More along the lines of Nyan Cat. Memes, paintings, music, photographs created digitally now sell for millions of dollars with cryptocurrency. Great news for you if your meme-game is strong.

Get to know more about NFTs and the digital collectibles market online in our new YouTube video. This On the Money episode, hosted by Vishnu Kaushal, breaks down NFTs and sheds light on the blockchain economy.

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00:00 Intro

00:58 NFT Explained

02:28 What, Where and How

03:34 Crypto Currency

03:59 Is it safe to buy an NFT?

05:08 The most expensive NFT

05:29 NFTs in India

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NFTs artwork/image details as follows-

Crossroads: Beeple (creator- Mike Winkelmann)
Everyday: Beeple (creator- Mike Winkelmann)
Ocean Front: Beeple (creator- Mike Winkelmann)
Stay free: creator- Edward Snowden.
on the wings of an angel (painting): creator- Sacha Jafri
Jack Dorsey tweet: creator- Jack Dorsey.
Nyan Cat GIF: creator- Chris Torres.
Avatar of Vishnu: creator- Ishita Banerjee.
Rick and Morty: creator- Justin Roiland.
Doge: creator- Atsuko Sato.
Zero contact: creator- Anthony Hopkins.
Chintam: creator- Shreya Daffney.
Sanviz: Creator- Santanu Hazarika and Ritviz.
3Lau: creator- Justin David Blau.
The disaster girl meme: creator- Dave Roth.
Cryptopunk: creator- Larva Labs.

NFT #Wealth

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